High Conservation Value

Bumitama commits to the protection, restoration and/or co-management1 of forests and other areas identified as having High Conservation Value ("HCV") by competent, accredited assessors.2
HCVs are biological, ecological, social or cultural values which are considered outstandingly significant or critically important, at the national, regional or global level.

All natural habitats possess inherent conservation values, including the presence of rare or endemic species, provision of ecosystem services, sacred sites, or resources harvested by local residents.

The 6 categories of HCV can be viewed from this link: http://www.rspo.org/about/who-we-are/working-groups/biodiversity-high-conservation-values

HCV summary report:
Company Certification Scheme Date of Publication Evaluation Status HCV Report Summary
PT Agriplus RSPO NPP 09/01/2020 Satisfactory Click here
PT Damai Agro Sejahtera RSPO NPP 18/10/2019 Satisfactory Click here
PT Hungarindo Persada RSPO NPP 29/11/2018 Satisfactory Click here
PT Raya Sawit Manunggal RSPO NPP 14/08/2018 Satisfactory Click here
PT Gemilang Makmur Subur RSPO NPP 25/10/2016 Satisfactory Click here
PT Investa Karya Bakti RSPO NPP 11/08/2016 Satisfactory Click here
PT Karya Bakti Agro Sejahtera 3 RSPO NPP 11/08/2016 Satisfactory Click here
After HCV and HCS assessment, the Group will implement the RSPO New Planting Procedure for all new planting.
1 Co-management involves our partnership with local communities and expert organisations.
2 As defined in the Indonesian HCV Toolkit (HCV Resource Network, 2009).