Fire Management

We are highly aware of the regional concerns surrounding GHG emissions and haze resulting from land burning in Kalimantan and Sumatra, and are taking proactive measures to ensure that we are part of the solution to this issue which has high environmental and public health costs.

From our inception, we adopted a strict zero-burning policy – which bans all use of fire for land clearing and waste disposal within our plantations and plasma developments. As part of our sustainability policy implementation, we are exploring further ways to develop more robust fire prevention measures. Some of the measures which we had implemented are:

As a means to reduce the number of fire incidents in the upcoming dry season, we are joining forces with the Indonesian military, law enforcement authorities and surrounding communities on "Fire Free Village" programme, training up to 20 members per village throughout all of our areas, to patrol and prevent fires during the dry season. Financial incentive (in kind) as an additional encouragement will be given to villages successful in fire prevention.