Vision and Mission

Who Are We ?

•    We manage a total planted area of 187,917 hectares with 29.3% of for our Plasma smallholders.
•    Our oil palms are relatively mature, with a weighted average age of 11.6 years as of January 2021.
•    We operate 14 mills with a processing capacity of 6.03 million metric tonnes, 8 of which are RSPO certified. We have a time-bound plan, aiming for full RSPO certification by 2022.

From Our Chairman

‘’As a mid-sized palm oil company, we cannot drive major industry change alone. However, we are willing to take the lead where we are strategically positioned to make a positive difference. With our biodiversity projects in Kalimantan, we have been able to leverage our land holdings and our good relations with plantation companies, government bodies and civil society partners to achieve something truly unique.’’

Our Vision

To be a leading CPO producer through continuous improvement, focus on productivity, cost efficiency, sustainability and growth.

How is this put into practice?

•    42% increase in RSPO certified volume since 2018.
•    4 additional mills RSPO certified in the last 2 years, taking our certified area to now 44.5%.
•    98.8% of all FFB is traceable to plantation.

Our Mission

To enhance shareholders' value; to improve the benefits and quality of life of our employees; to improve the welfare of the local communities and the environment.

How is this put into practice?

•    Total dividends amount to S$0.024 per share for FY2020.
•    We benchmark and track our wages and benefits in line with the Indonesia national living wage.
•    Almost 30% of our planted area is dedicated to Plasma smallholders from local communities.