Best Management Practices

Bumitama has adopt and implement Best Management Practices (BMP) in all its plantations and in their production process at various stages of value chain of the Company. The Group consistently continues to review and improve its internal operational procedure to comply with standard and criterias set by the ISPO and RSPO. BMP can be achieved only by improving efficiency and productivity in the plantations and mills activities with excellence behaviour through discipline implementation.

As part of application of BMP starting from high quality oil palm seeds procured from established seed producers in order to improves FFB yield and extraction rate; To conserve soil moisture and soil erosion also to enrich its organic content, Bumitama uses legume cover crops after land preparation and before planting; Use of high quality fertilisers that are suitable for our plantations at the right time and at optimal doses; Beneficial plants, especially Turnera Ulmifolia and Casia Cobanensis, are planted in all our plantations to attract natural predators and parasitoids for biological control of leaf-eating insects. We also use barn owls for biological rat control.