Ethics and Marketplace

Anti-Corruption & Ethical Policies

Integrity is one of the Bumitma’s fundamental principles. By upholding the highest ethical standards, and ensuring that our dealings at all levels are free from bribery and corruption, we strive for the respect of our stakeholders and support from our communities. Our Code of Conduct is designed to guide all of our employees, including the Board of Directors and other individuals working on behalf of the company, in their dealings with business partners and regulatory bodies. 

Download Bumitama Code of Conduct (EN) / Pakta Integritas (ID)

Bumitama calls for all stakeholders to use existing whistleblowing and grievance procedures to report any instances where bribery and corruption in relation to our operations has occurred. These incidents will be investigated and dealt with using the highest degree of seriousness.


Grievances and Complaints

Bumitama strives to amicably resolve conflicts and complaints with all parties in an open, transparent, and constrcutive manner through our complaints and whistle blowing procedures, in addition to the RSPO complaints mechanism. The corrective measures taken, where appropriate, will be publicly reported.

Our employees or any other persons such as customers, suppliers, contractors or local community may, in good faith and confidence, without fear of reprisals raise concerns about possible improprieties in financial reporting, unethical practices or other matters. The company's grievance mechanism also deals with third-party compliance issues as well as conflicts related to land. Anonymous disclosures will also be accepted and anonymity honoured. The whistle-blowing policy and the procedures put in place to implement such a policy, has been reviewed and approved by our Audit Committee. Whistle blowing can be initiated via text/call to mobile number +62 812 86419700 or email to

Bumitama also provides a QRS hotline channel for employees to convey their HR-related concerns


Link to download: Bumitama complaint handling flowchart
Link to download: Bumitama whistle blowing policy


Procedure for Grievance Submission

The goal of the grievance mechanism is to enable our stakeholders to approach us first with any questions, grievances or complaints  prior to raising external complaints, e.g. with the RSPO.

Grievances can be submitted through any of the following channels:

The grievance should include the following information:

All grievances lodged will be recorded, investigated and handled in a fair and transparent manner.  Anonymity of those using the grievance mechanism will be preserved.


External grievance case log (following RSPO complaints system)

2019  2018   2017   2016   2015   2014   2013   2012 
 RSPO Complaint Cases   Total Number of Cases  7 7

   Active  0 0
   Closed  7 7


Internal grievance case log

 Case  Date Lodged  Latest Update
FOE Report named "Up In Smoke" 11 December 2015  Clarification issued
Article named "The No Deforestation Revolution: Two Years In"  27 January 2016 Clarification issued
Article named "Oil palm plantations need to protect orangutans"  26 February 2016  Clarification issued
Greenpeace report dated 17 January 2017  19 January 2017 Clarification issued
Acquisition of PT DAS 06 June 2017 Clarification issued
PT Sinar Karya Mandiri clearing HCV and peat areas 13 March 2018  Bumitama has not been purchasing FFB from this PT since February 2018 
PT Laman Mining clearing KEE areas  24 July 2018 Signed an MOU  on presevartion of KEE and biodiversity 
Greenpeace Article dated 29 August 2018 10 September 2018 Clarification issued
PT Pranah Indah Gemilang license revoked  19 September 2018  Bumitama has not been purchasing FFB from this PT since 2017 
Final Countdown report 25 September 2018 Clarification issued
Dying for a cooking report 15 November 2018 Clarification issued
Land clearing outside PT ASMR  16 November 2018 Bumitama informed the land owner about Bumitama's sourcing policy 
Land clearing outside PT LGI 21 November 2018 Conducted initial investigation
Land clearing in PT KML 28 November 2018 Stop-work order issued
Article published by NY Times 14 December 2018 Clarification issued
Grievance related to PT Agriplus by LinkAR Borneo June 2019

Case entered internal grievance system after mutual agreement with complainant

The case has been settled after rounds of mediation and inprovements conducted together with the community

Land claims related to PT Hungarindo November 2019  Settled through mediation facilitated by the village
Mighty Earth Rapid Response 22  December 2019  Issued clarification to relevant stakeholders
Mighty Earth Rapid Response 23 January 2020
 Issued clarification to relevant stakeholders
Mighty Earth Rapid Response 26 April 2020  Issued clarification to relevant stakeholders
Greenpeace – Destruction: Certified March 2021  Issued public clarification