Bumitama looks to methane capture to reduce emissions, fuel potential revenue stream

08 January 2024

PALM oil giant Bumitama Agri : P8Z +0.83% is looking to set up methane capture facilities in its mills, which is expected to reduce the production of the greenhouse gas at each mill by between 60 per cent and 70 per cent.

The palm oil company has already started its methane capture capabilities at its mill in the Riau islands in Indonesia, and will be looking to develop these facilities at its other 13 mills, said Lim Sian Choo, chief sustainability officer of Bumitama Agri.

Methane – which traps more heat than carbon dioxide – is released at Bumitama’s mills as liquid waste generated from palm oil production sits in a lagoon while it is being treated before it’s safe enough to be released.

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Source: The Business Times