About Us

Who are we?

Bumitama Ltd. manages closed to 190 thousand hectares of oil palm plantation in Indonesia, with almost 30% dedicated to smallholders, and operates a total of 15 mills with a processing capacity of 6.4 million metric tonnes annually. Our plantation profile, with a weighted average age of 11.6 years at the close of 2021, is poised to sustain growth in production volume in the upcoming years.

Company Profile

Founded in 1996 and listed on the Singapore Exchange in 2012, Bumitama Agri Ltd. and its Group have grown to be one of the leading Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) growers and producers of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Palm Kernel (PK) in Indonesia.

Our motto ‘Excellence through discipline’ guides us throughout our work, while dedicated to our vision, mission, and cultural values. We seek continuous improvement through introducing innovative technologies, such as drones or mobile phone applications into our operations, and by constantly reviewing and benchmarking our performance against the one of the industry leaders. We are always mindful of the wellbeing of the key elements surrounding our operations, whether that be our employees, the local communities, or the unique Indonesian biodiversity and natural resources.

The Group has consistently stayed on the path towards achieving higher yields and extraction rates by investing in research and development, technology, and best practices in cultivation of oil palm. These efforts have made us one of the most efficient producers in the industry today, boasting a CPO yield of 4.2 tonnes per ha in 2021.

Our Vision and Mission


To be a leading CPO producer through continuous improvement, focus on productivity, cost efficiency, sustainability, and growth.


To enhance shareholders' value.
To improve the benefits and quality of life of our employees.
To improve the welfare of the local communities and the environment.

“’As a mid-sized palm oil company, we cannot drive major industry change alone. However, we are willing to take the lead where we are strategically positioned to make a positive difference. With our biodiversity projects in Kalimantan, we have been able to leverage our land holdings and our good relations with plantation companies, government bodies and civil society partners to achieve something truly unique.”

Lim Gunawan Hariyanto
Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Cultural Values

Bumitama upholds a strong corporate culture that enables an inclusive environment for all. We have three cultural pillars that lay out our values and how we act as a corporation and as individuals.


Morality is the decision to obey one’s conscience, to positively choose to behave in accordance with legal, moral, and religious norms. This encompasses:

  • Humility

    Value of a person who is humble, polite, warm, and does not hold arrogance, but still strives for self-improvement.

  • Discipline

    Commitment to do something as it should be done, a form of reflection of compliance to respect and to implement things accordingly.


Capability is the ability to take actions in order to provide the best performance, to bear responsibilities, to complete tasks and to contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. Capability is a combination of character, competence, and action. This encompasses:

  • Analytical –Synthetic Thinking

    Dissecting complex problems into detailed parts, identifying implications of a problem and arranging them into a structure.

  • Scale of Priorities

    Order of importance and urgency, while also paying attention to the risks involved in making a decision.

  • Synergy

    Passion about the collective and willing to contribute to the its success, not as an individual.

  • Assertiveness

    Being open and honest willing to express thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, without violating the rights of others.


Integrity is the harmony between the heart, mind and actions. Integrity demands honesty with oneself and adherence to principles or values.

  • Persistence

    Strong will to achieve, tenacity to never give up despite the challenges and obstacles.

  • Loyalty

    Obedience and dedication in following the assigned role, responsibilities and one’s superiors.

  • Customer focus

    Understanding and meeting the needs of both internal and external stakeholders, while always striving to provide beyond the necessary services to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Board of Directors

Lim Gunawan Hariyanto

Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lim Gunawan Hariyanto joined the Group in 1997 as Director of PT Karya Makmur Bahagia, a subsidiary. He was first appointed to the Board on 23 March 2012 and reelected on 22 April 2019. He is responsible for formulating and implementing the Group’s business, corporate policies, as well as business development and operations management strategies.

Lim Christina Hariyanto

Executive Director

Ms. Lim Christina Hariyanto joined the Group in 2012 as Head of Investor Relations. She was first appointed to the Board on 1 June 2017 and re-elected on 24 April 2020. She is responsible for strengthening the communication channels between the Company and the financial industry. She advocates greater awareness among the investment and financial communities of Bumitama’s endeavours through various capital market outreach programmes

Dato' Lee Yeow Chor

Non-Executive Director

Dato’ Lee Yeow Chor was first appointed to the Board on 23 March 2012 and re-elected on 12 April 2021. He is presently the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive of IOI Corporation Berhad, a prominent Malaysia-based global palm oil player, and a Board Member of IOI Properties Group Berhad since 2013. He was first appointed to the Board of IOI Corporation Berhad as Group Executive Director in 1996. Prior to his career in the private sector, he served in various capacities in the Attorney General’s Chambers of Malaysia and the Malaysian Judiciary for about four years, with his final position as a Magistrate.

Lim Hung Siang

Lead Independent Director

Mr. Lim Hung Siang was appointed to the Board on 1 June 2018 and re-elected on 12 April 2021. His professional career encompasses an extensive experience running several companies in the transport and engineering sectors, including Singapore Automotive Engineering Group and ComfortDelGro Corporation. He has also overseen business development initiatives and mergers/acquisitions in Europe

Lee Lap Wah George

Independent Director

Mr. Lee Lap Wah George was appointed to the Board on 1 June 2017 and re-elected on 24 April 2020. He is an Independent Non-Executive Director at Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (“OCBC”) Malaysia Bhd since his appointment on 1 September 2021.

Lawrence Lua Gek Pong

Independent Director

Mr. Lawrence Lua Gek Pong was appointed to the Board on 1 January 2020 and reelected on 24 April 2020. He is currently the Managing Director and Senior Advisor to DBS Private Bank. He joined DBS Bank in 2011 and served as Managing Director and Head of Private Bank for South East Asia, Member of the DBS Bank Singapore Management Committee and subsequently as Group Head of the Private Bank before assuming the role of Senior Advisor in 2019.

Witjaksana Darmosarkoro

Independent Director

Mr. Witjaksana Darmosarkoro was appointed to the Board on 1 July 2021. His current role has been with the Secretariat of Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC) in Jakarta, where he is the Director of
Sustainability and Smallholders Development.

Management Team


Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Roebianto joined the Group in 2003 as General Manager in the Engineering Division of Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (“BGA”), a subsidiary. He currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of the Group, since his
appointment on 1 January 2004. He is in charge of leading and coordinating the Group’s overall operational activities, including plantation management, engineering and human capital departments.

Sie Eddy Kurniawan

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Sie Eddy Kurniawan joined the Group in 2013 as Chief Financial Officer of the Group, since his appointment on 7 January 2013. He is responsible for supervising and coordinating all activities of the Group’s finance, accounting, and ICT departments. Additionally, he is also overseeing the Group’s strategic and commercial activities.

Lim Sian Choo

Chief Sustainability Officer

Ms. Lim Sian Choo joined the Group in 2011 as the Group Head of Corporate Secretarial Services and Corporate Social Responsibility. She currently serves as Chief Sustainability Officer of the Group since her appointment on 27 May 2020.

Our Journey

Mapping Bumitama

Bumitama Agri’s operations are based in Central and West Kalimantan, and Riau with corporate offices based in Singapore and Jakarta.



Asiamoney Award for Most Outstanding Company in Singapore – Small/Mid Caps Sector


Asiamoney Award for Most Outstanding Company in Singapore (Consumer Staples)

FT High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2020 from the Financial Times

Distinguished Member of ‘Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies 2020’ from The Straits Times Certificate


Asiamoney Award in 2 categories:

  • Most Outstanding Company in Singapore (Small Cap)
  • Most Outstanding Company in Singapore for the decade 2010 – 2019

‘Most Profitable Company’ (Agriculture Sector) from The Edge Billion Dollar Club, 3 years in a row from 2017 to 2019


Asiamoney Award in 3 categories:

  • Overall Most Outstanding Company in Singapore
  • Most Outstanding Company in Singapore (Small Cap)
  • Most Outstanding Company in Singapore (Consumer Staples)

Asiamoney Award in 7 categories:

  • Best Managed Small Cap Company
  • Best Overall for Corporate Governance
  • Best for Disclosure and Transparency
  • Best for Shareholders’ Rights and Equitable Treatment
  • Best for Responsibilities of Management and the Board of Directors
  • Best for Investor Relations
  • Best for Corporate Social Responsibility

Asiamoney Award in 3 categories:

  • Best Overall for Corporate Governance
  • Best for Investor Relations
  • Best for Corporate Social Responsibility

‘Frost & Sullivan Indonesia Excellence’ Award


Forbes Asia 200 ‘Best Under A Billion’ Award

Silver Award For Best Annual Report Category “First – Year Listed Companies” from Singapore Corporate Awards (SCA)

Alpha Southeast Asia 6th Annual Deal & Solution Award 2012 for Best IPO for Retail Investors in Southeast Asia


Runner Up, Most Transparent Award Category O : New Issues